A State by State Security Guard License Guide

Top Security Guard Companies to Work for in 2020 and Beyond

Security companies vary in the training and professional development they offer as well as their pay rates and benefits. Some can get professionals off to a strong start. Some are well worth it for experienced security guards to aspire to – if they can make the cut. The following is a look at some top security guard companies and what they have to offer:

Allied Universal (https://www.aus.com/) is a very large security provider -- more than 200,000 employees strong. Security professionals can be found in healthcare, transportation, commercial real estate, and financial institutions, among other sectors. Allied United touts its professional development. The organization states that many security officers have gone on to senior leadership – in fact, 65% of management positions are filled through internal pipelines (https://jobs.aus.com/culture). Allied Universal holds periodic hiring events in cities around the country.

SecurAmerica (https://securamerica.com/) boasts high retention levels. Candidates go through an extensive qualification process, which includes a culture match essay, references, multiple essays, and a comprehensive background check. The pre-hire training is considered part of the pre-employment process. The organization provides a wide variety of services, including event security, residential and retail security, government protection services, and even K9-assisted security.

GardaWorld (https://www.garda.com/) is another major presence in the security world. Whelan Security is a recent GardaWorld cquisition. The organization touts professional training and development. Training includes first aid and fire prevention, mental health awareness, and use of body language to defuse situations. Gardaworld has some presence in most U.S. states as well as a presence in Canada and around the world. Pockets of concentration are scattered around the country, and include California, Texas, and portions of the Midwest, Southern, and Mid-Atlantic regions. GardaWorld invites students to fill out online forms indicating interest in the company.

Inter-Con Security Systems (https://www.icsecurity.com/), based in California, has a 50-state presence. Claims of “competitive wages” are borne out by recent postings. There is a good deal of variation from position to position – one will find some high-responsibility armed positions with hourly wages well above $30. Spring 2020 found the organization seeking prime candidates for Armed Diplomatic Security Officer positions, dangling a $34.42 an hour wage with $4.90 added for “health and welfare”; candidates for these positions will need Top-Secret clearance. An unarmed security officer position in Santa Fe, meanwhile, was listed at $18.38. Inter-Con Security Services values college degrees as well as experience in security or related fields. The company uses extensive technology to support physical security.

G4S (https://www.g4s.com/) is a big name in integrated security. Officers receive training at the ISO-certified North America Training Institute. The G4S training institute recently won Best Corporate University by Training Magazine Network (https://trainingmag.com/training-magazine-ranks-2019-training-top-125-organizations). There are multiple security officer programs, from Lobby Ambassador to Bank Protection Officer. A Custom Protection Officer needs a degree in a field like criminal justice or political science unless formerly qualified in a field such as law enforcement, corrections, or the military. An Upscale Security Officer may qualify by degree or professional experience. Here, a range of careers are valued, including park ranger and managerial experience. G4S has a Promote Me! online community for professional development and networking. Security guard work is supported by innovative technology. Officers use the Secure Trax system.

Star Protection Agency (http://starprotection.com/) characterizes itself as the largest privately owned security company in the Pacific Northwest. Geographically, it extends a bit beyond. The company offers paid training and comprehensive benefits. It has a work happiness score of 72 on Indeed.com: above average. Star Protection Agency was advertising recently in Denver, Portland, and Seattle. Star Protection Agency provides mobile vehicle and on-site security, among other services.

Prosegur (https://www.prosegur.com/en/) has an international presence. Originating in Spain, it's now in many U.S. markets. ProSegur USA counts among its services armed and unarmed guards, loss prevention, and escort services. 2020 finds the company seeking guards who hold licensing or ‘guard cards’. Prosegur boasts a 4.0 on Indeed.com rating and a 61 work happiness score.

SunStates (https://www.sunstatessecurity.com/) is well-ranked on a major job search site. It prides itself on its quality assurance and guard safety. While it’s not in the upper echelon with regard to hourly wages, it offers customizable benefits programs with insurance, paid vacation and bereavement leave, and matching 401(K).

HSS (https://hss-us.com/) specializes in healthcare security and also provides services for government facilities and aviation. Some employees are selected for the HSS Master Security Officer (MSO) certification program.

There are a number of smaller companies well worth looking into if one is in the right market.

Archangel Protective Services (https://archangelusa.com/) serves Tennessee. The organization seeks private security officers with two years of experience. Law enforcement and military veterans are also sought after. The organization claims above average wages and opportunities for growth. Archangel has a 4.6 associate rating on Indeed.com. Its Google rating is 5.0.The Archangel Protective Services tagline is “Ensuring Good Prevails”

Northwest Security Services (https://www.nwss.com/) serves Washington State. The starting salary is $16 within Seattle, $14.25 in other communities. Among the benefits are tuition reimbursement (available after one year). The company prides itself on the 24-hour accessibility of its management and the low turnover rate, It states that it promotes from within. Among the positions a security guard may be promoted to is patrol.